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From solo developer Ernestas Norvaišas (former 3D artist, Factorio), and Team17, comes Sweet Transit – a strategic city building game set in a world where the railway is king and trains are the sole means of transportation and expansion.

From humble beginnings, create intricate, railway-powered production lines and grow quaint villages into thriving metropolises while moving through distinct eras such as the introduction of steam power and the invention of the combustion engine.

Build a sprawling collection of factories and farms to keep your citizens happy and employed while becoming a pioneer of industry through the interconnected world of the railway.


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Evolve your world

Build remarkable railways and expand your train network to meet the demands of your growing cities. But construction won’t always be easy and the terrain around you can be puzzling. You must work around the obstacles and find ways to make your rail network a rousing success.

Keep your people happy


As your cities expand, so will the population. Put your people to work in factories and farms to keep up with the demand for goods and services. Your citizens also have needs and will need to feel happy and motivated to keep working for you. Letting morale slip can have big consequences.

Production is power


Automate production processes and build a network of production chains to ensure that demands for resources including coal, food and wood are always met. Expand your cities with more farms, factories, and train routes to ramp up production.





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